Why Qui-boon ?

Express your ‘Qui boon’ every day!

One day you're joyous. Another, you're blue.
Just as you choose your outfit every day based on how you feel each morning, why not select your toothbrush and towel to perfectly match your mood?
By accepting and embracing yourself, you let yourself shine through.

'Qui boon' was created with this in mind.

"Qui boon" can be understood as "ki bun," or "feeling," in Japanese.

We wish your own 'Qui boon' goods will make your life fun and happy.
Qui boon is a brand for adult dental care, designed to meet your expectations.

Our Story

Our theory

Established in 1981, Hokubi sold several styles of toothbrushes exclusively at dental clinics.
'Qui boon' toothbrushes are designed by dentists and made in Japan. These brushes specialize in ergonomic, user-friendly handles and multi-textured bristles for gentle cleaning.
Our transparent and waterproof handles are printed with our own patented technology, and our customers can enjoy their stylish designs whenever they brush their teeth.
We have standard color variations (Basic, Midy, Twist) with patterns of dots, checks and stripes.
Every year we also introduce new artist-designed models.
'Qui boon' is a toothbrush for daily use, thus we never compromise on qualities.
We offer high-quality products in stylish designs to provide you the enjoyment of choosing the perfect toothbrush to suit your mood.

Qui-boon Showroom

Open 11:00 - 18:00,
Closed on Tuesdays, Sundays and national holydays

Address: #103, 1-7-2, Hon-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0853, Japan

Tel.076-261-8211 Fax.076-261-8212