Dentist-Designed Ergonomic Toothbrush


Rounded-end bristles

Bristle ends are rounded to be gentle to the gums.Even soft brushing can remove stains.

Extra-pointed bristles

These sharply angled bristles can reach deep in the gum pockets where regular toothbrushes can't.

Twisted & textured bristles

Twisted & textured bristles made of two twisted filaments remove stains effectively.


'Qui boon' transparent toothbrushes are designed by dentists and made in Japan. The ergonomic handle perfectly supports your daily dental care.

Made in Japan

Handles are printed with our special waterproofing technology (patent #5978450). Colorful designs ensure daily dental care becomes an enjoyable time.

Dentist-Designed Ergonomic Toothbrush Dentist-Designed Ergonomic Toothbrush